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About Some of the best times of my life were as a touring and session musician … then I got a day job, a family, and a mortgage 😳 And THEN, Covid sent us all inside. Just as I was hoping to get back to it, there were no gigs to play! But, I discovered all these amazing tools. I NEVER would have used a solid state amp, or non-analog effect (as ignorant as that may have been), but I came upon software tools which blew my mind. They've also taught me humility, because the complexity of these ingenious told is mammoth (even before you get to using them together and recording something). It could fill a university degree (easily). BUT, I can make music again, at home, without blasting my little boy's ears out, and genuinely replicating "real" sounds ... God, please, just give me more time to do it 🙏🙏🙏 ...
Nickname: DrJIK01


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