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About In a sea of unlimited tone chasing, I'm just offering up some sounds for various situations. There are a lot of great captures already posted on here by others. I'm just adding some that have worked for me for both recording and live situations. Some profiles are for general play, others have more high end to compete with cymbals for both live play and mixing. Sometimes guitars need to be nasty. I hope you find them useful. The REVV, JCM and Cameron Atomica are my favorite amps. The Mesa Dual Recifiers have their own unique voice but the bottom end needs to be tamed. Some of my Rect profiles are left loose to be cut in a mix, others are tighter. Have fun trying them out. My early stuff had some Fractal captures which are useful in their own right, but the later stuff are true amps. I enjoy the Friedman offerings and the EVH stuff too. I prefer to do all in one captures including an IR as that's the tone I am looking for. Like you, I've spent tons of time trying out captures, swapping IRs and dammit, I just want to play. Click and try. I recommend York, Ownhammer, Andre Rodrigues, Redwirez and MirrorProfiles impulse responses. I find listening to isolated guitar tracks helpful. I was shocked to find that most guitar parts I love aren't as distorted as I thought. Especially, the Eddie stuff. Go listen to the Hot for Teacher isolated track. He was smashing that guitar with hammer-ons. Man, could he ever play. Listen to that swing. Tons of volume knob work too. Often wide open when letting it rip but lower gain when riffing.
Nickname: scoob701


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