Metal Gems
Created by: IK Multimedia Date: 2024/03/28 Number of tones: 100   watch video
Read More Metal Gems is an exclusive collection for TONEX of 100 high-gain Tone Models, both with and without cab, giving you the ultimate Chug tones from 4 legendary amps: Diezel Herbert, Bogner Uberschall, Soldano SLO-100 and Peavey® 5150 Block Letter.

Diezel Herbert
30 Tone Models delivering that signature definition and tightness perfect for modern and classic metal tones. Includes all 3 distinctly voiced channels captured through variety professional gear.
Bogner Uberschall
25 Tone Models from searing lead to rhythm tones, ideal for extended-range and drop-tuned guitars. Includes captures with stomps to drive the amp into brutal territory.
Soldano SLO-100
25 Tone Models offering clean, drive and high-gain tones with some using a TS-9 and Furman PQ-3, captured with a variety of outboard gear.
Peavey® 5150 Block Letter
20 Tone Models featuring different stomps to deliver a wide range of skull-crushing tones, captured with 6 cabs and using a Neve 1081 mic-preamp.


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