Created by: Mad Steex Date: 2023/08/24 Number of tones: 115   watch video
Read More A legendary amplifier, difficult to find, and difficult to make it sound great, middle and treble knobs act differently than usual. Middle is more toward the bass range, the Notch switch cuts the mids A LOT!
BUT, said that, it's a super versatile amplifier, with pristine bright clean channel, unbelievable crunch channel that chugs as f*ck and the lead powerful for guitar solos. Push it with boost pedals and you get a tight machine!
26 RAW Clean Channel captures
46 RAW Crunch Channel captures
43 RAW Lead Channel captures
We captured the core of the amp and here you can find the 121 AMP ONLY capture settings:
Legend (from left to right):
CL: Clean Channel
CR: Crunch Channel
LD: Lead Channel
B: Bass knob
M: Middle knob
T: Treble knob
P: Presence knob
G: Gain knob
V: Volume knob
N: Notch Switch engaged


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