D13 Best Tweed Ever
Created by: The Studio Rats Date: 2023/08/24 Number of tones: 11
Read More 11 Tone Models from what we think is the best sounding Tweed amp. Captures based on the soulful Divided By 13 CJ11. This amp is a desert Island amp that will make any Strat sound like a million pounds. You will get lost in the touch sensitivity and every nuance comes through whether you use a pick or fingers. The bottom is big, round and not flubby at all. The top end sparkles allowing single coils to shine and humbuckers to bite at just the right frequency.

Neck pickup on Strat sounds glorious but every pickup combination comes through and never gets lost. Using a bridge pickup makes the amp bark taking you back to early Stones a la Keith Richards. To kick this amp up a notch we've included several captures using the finest overdrive and distortion pedals. The pedals we selected transforms this amp into lead tones worthy of finest blues and rock players.


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