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About Visit for custom blended ToneX captures and packs. Disappointed that the ToneX pedal can't run dual amp captures at the same time? Wish you could run pedal captures simultaneously with your amp/cab captures on the ToneX pedal? Alchemy Captures sets out to address these issues and provide a new service offering for the ToneX community. Via my method for blending two amp/cab captures together into one, you can now have the unique tone signature from your favorite amp pairings together in one tone model - custom made just for you. With this method we can also bake your favorite drive pedals or stacked combinations into your amp/blended amps of choice so that in a live situation you can utilize the 3 footswitches on the ToneX pedal (or MIDI for even more flexibility) to effectively handle all of your gain staging needs. For all iintents and purposes we're offering the first/only 'ToneX Custom Shop' experience! In addition to the custom captures/packs, we'll also be releasing premade packs periodically based on our curated list of highest quality models on tone net including gain staged captures with various overdrive pedals baked in for ultimate flexibility for live use. Available now on you can find our Chime City (Matchless DC30 + Vox AC30 blend), Match Ultimate (Matchless Chieftain + DC30), Paisley Homage Series (Dr. Z ZWreck + AC30), Boutique Beauty (Trainwreck Liverpool + Two Rock OD50), and Voxy Twin (Vox AC30 + Fender Twin) packs, with many more to come!
Nickname: Alchemy


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